Report Writing For Supervisors

How To Write A Report Your Bosses Will Be Compelled To Read

Have you been promoted and been asked to produce reports ?

Not sure what you put in it or how to format it ?

What about the length of the report, how long should it be ?

What fonts or presentation style should you use ?

These are typical questions all newly appointed supervisors face.

Most are unsure of how and what to deliver when asked to write a report.

In this training course you will discover the best and most practical way to write a business report.

Topics to be included are:

The Planning Process

  • Identifying the audience and purpose of the report;
  • Choosing the appropriate format;
  • Selecting the relevant information;
  • Organising information to suit the audience, purpose, and context.

Write the Report

  • Clearly state the purpose;
  • Incorporate information relevant to the reader; purpose and context;
  • Use an appropriate style for the reader;
  • Present the document in a format appropriate to the task;
  • Edit the document so that you follow acceptable conventions and standards;
  • Use accepted forms of spelling, punctuation and jargon;
  • Use words, sentence form, structure and style that are appropriate to reader and purpose;
  • Set out the document in an accepted layout;
  • Follow accepted conventions of format to make the document readable;
  • Write the workplace report so that it achieves its purpose.

As a person who needs to write a report you will also be introduced to:

  • Understanding different fonts and when to use them;
  • Subject Headings and how to select the appropriate one;
  • The Inverted Pyramid of organising information used by journalists;
  • How to write clearly;
  • The 10 Commandments for effective writing;
  • The correct lengths of sentences and paragraphs for effectiveness;

You will also be introduced to the 8 Principles of How To Write.

At the end of the session participants will be able to write a report that is:

  • Logically organised;
  • Clearly expressed;
  • Coherent;
  • Follows your organisation’s structure;
  • Achieves the stated and given purpose;
  • Reaches conclusions;
  • Makes recommendations;
  • Uses language that is applicable to the task and audience;
  • Appropriately presented;
  • The required length;
  • Appropriate to the demands of the reader and purpose.

This training program can be arranged to meet the specific and expressive needs of the participants and their organistion and is fully adaptable.

The topics are designed to be highly interactive taking participants through a process of delivering knowledge, transferring that knowledge into practical workplace application and skill.

When the knowledge and skill is combined with the participants desire to succeed, worthwhile behavioural change takes place.

Course Duration

Full Day – 9.00 am – 4.00 pm – Fees: $275.00 per person or total $1980.00 up to 16 staff.  (Includes comprehensive workbook)

Half Day – Option 1. – 9.00 am – 12.00 pm

Half Day – Option 2.  – 1.00 pm – 4.00 pm

Fees $165.00 per person per option or total $1100.00 up to 16 staff. (Includes comprehensive workbook)

How To Book A Tailored Made “Now You’re A Supervisor” course for your business.

Simply contact us direct via our Contacts Page or call us Direct on 0412 94 77 33.  Do it NOW and don’t delay creating Leaders inside your business.

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