Selling Skills For Winners

What Successful Salespeople People Know and Desperately Want To Keep  Secret

How are your sales going ?

Are you getting the results you deserve ?

How about your staff ?

How are their sales efforts ?

Do they need improving ?

Traditional sales methods are the main reason for failure in selling today.

The past way of sales is dead.

Business success can be directly related to the selling skills of your people.

In this interactive workshop, tailored to your business, your staff will enhance their selling skills regardless of experience.

By dissecting the ‘Sales Cycle’ and climbing the ‘Customer Ladder Of Loyalty’ participants will be able to determine the sales process from the customers’ perspective to make more sales and more profit whilst maintaining relationships.

Never again will a sales person be left lamenting what to say next.  They will be given a step-by-step sales process which works time after time after time.

You see…

It is not hard to sell something to someone once.

The secret to sales success is to get more customers and to keep selling to them over and over again.

The Key Topics in this SALES workshop are:

  • Discovering the 4 behavioural styles which drive people to act the way they do;
  • The 6 emotional buying triggers – you must know these and enter into their mind to make a sale;
  • How to implement the Pre-Call Plan – never go into a sales call blind again;
  • How to overcome 17 of the most common sales objections – never again be stumped when a prospect throws an objection at you;
  • 5 Ways to Close the Sale but this ONE Close works 95% of the time;
  • The best time in the sales cycle to ask for referrals; discover how to grow your business fast, easy and simple;
  • Why creating a sales list is so crucial for after sales marketing.

But it does not stop there…

At the end of the training your sales staff will be able to:

Selling Skills For Winners Implement the Sales Cycle;

State the four questions to ask every prospective buyer;

Explain the main buying objections and how to overcome them;

Use closing techniques;

Recite the formula for asking for referrals;

Create a mailing list for repeat sales and

Keep customers forever and make sure they become advocates for your business.

Your staff will experience the following Benefits:

  • Learn current and relevant techniques for Australian conditions;
  • Share a day with one of Australia’s leading sales trainers – Kurt Johansen;
  • Gain confidence & certainty about the future;
  • Reduce Stress & increase sales;
  • Be motivated to get out there and implement.
  • Take home a comprehensive workbook and
  • Their very own Objection Response Manual where 146 methods to overcome 17 of the most common sales objections are revealed.

Who Should Attend

Anyone in a sales environment, regardless of experience, who wishes to enhance their skills and make more sales.  Also useful for those staff who use the phone as their main selling tool.

Course Duration

Full Day – 9.00 am – 4.00 pm – Fees: $275.00 per person or total $1980.00 up to 16 staff.  (Includes comprehensive workbook)

Half Day – Option 1. – 9.00 am – 12.00 pm

Half Day – Option 2.  – 1.00 pm – 4.00 pm

Fees $165.00 per person per option or total $1100.00 up to 16 staff. (Includes comprehensive workbook)

How To Book A Tailored Made Selling Skills For Winners course for your business.

Simply contact us direct via our Contacts Page or call us Direct on 0412 94 77 33.  Do it NOW and don’t delay losing out on any more missed sales.

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