Introduction To Supervision

Have You Been Put In Charge Of Others Without Any Form Of Training ?

Or in other words…

Have you been formally trained in the art of Supervision?

Or have you been promoted because you have been with the company the longest ?

Maybe you are the best tradesman and that is why you were promoted ?

Maybe you were promoted on a gut feeling ?

If this is your business then I am here to tell you it is OK.


It is not your fault.

The business at the time had no choice right…

And besides…

What training would you need ?

What training would any person need to be a Supervisor ?

Did you know…

Many Supervisors never get the practical training to help them manage their part of the business and the people who report to them.

This lack of training can cost, frustrate and harm the business and employees especially if…

It involves incorrect work procedures or Work Health and Safety issues.

Not to mention, harassment laws, unfair dismissals claims or simply stress related matters.

Supervising people is a learned skill.

Supervisors need to know about:

  • themselves;
  • the people they lead;
  • and the business needs.

This practical workshop gives the new, nearly new or soon-to-be appointed Supervisor a thorough understanding of the role and responsibilities of their position.

Supervisors  will develop effective skills, strategies and techniques specifically designed to make them a leader people wish to follow.

The Key Topics in the Supervisor’s workshop are:

  • Why people behave the way they do (overview);
  • The Difference between a Manager and Supervisor;
  • The 4 key roles and functions of a Supervisor;
  • The 12 qualities of a Supervisor;
  • 5 Effective Supervision Principles:
    Principle 1 – Who, How and When to Discipline an employee;
    Principle 2 – The only people you can Delegate to;
    Principle 3 – Where the key to Motivate lives;
    Principle 4 – How to Organise Yourself effectively;
    Principle 5 – 10 core features to Communicate with Respect.                                               ;

At the end of the training Supervisors will be able to:

At the End Of The Session... Explain the role and functions of a Supervisor;

Define the Key Elements of Leadership;

Identify their own leadership style and preference;

Make decisions to benefit the business and its people;

List the 5 Key Principles of Effective Supervision.



Participants will experience the following Benefits:

  • Learn current and relevant techniques for Australian conditions;
  • Share a day with one of Australia’s leading management trainers – Kurt Johansen;
  • Gain confidence & certainty about the future;
  • Reduce Stress & increase their effectiveness in the workplace;
  • Be motivated to get out there and implement;
  • Discover the secrets to be a Leader people want to follow.

Who Should Attend

Those new to a Supervisory role or those deemed ready to step up to positions where they will be supervising others.

Course Duration

Full Day – 9.00 am – 4.00 pm – Fees: $275.00 per person or total $1980.00 up to 16 staff.  (Includes comprehensive workbook)

Half Day – Option 1. – 9.00 am – 12.00 pm

Half Day – Option 2.  – 1.00 pm – 4.00 pm

Fees $165.00 per person per option or total $1100.00 up to 16 staff. (Includes comprehensive workbook)

How To Book A Tailored Made “Now They’re A Supervisor” course for your business.

Simply contact us direct via our Contacts Page or call us Direct on 0412 94 77 33.  Do it NOW and don’t delay creating Leaders inside your business.

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